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fHE    gffQSI   HORSE

They always travelled ahead of us3 but they had a
way of turning back on their own trails and
coming upon us from the side or the rear9 to keep
watch on us* It was this never-satisfied curiosity
of the wild horse that enabled our braves to
capture them on foot.

The method of our warriors was to locate a
herd and then follow It unconcernedly for hours,
and may be for days, before making any attempt
to round it up* This was to get the horses used
to us and to show them that we would not harm

We had been trailing fresh manure for five days
before we finally located our first herd away up
on the expansive Couteau Plateau of central
British Columbia. There they were: a herd of
about five hundred animals grazing away over
there on the side of a craggy little mountain on
top of the plateau. Their quick, alert move-
ments, more like those of a deer than those of a
horse3 showed they wrere high-strung beings that
would dash off Into space like a flock of wild
birds on the slightest cause for excitement.
There was one big3 steel-dust stallion who grazed
away from the rest and made frequent trips along
the edge of the herd. It was obvious to our
braves that this iron-coloured fellow with the
silver manes was the stallion who ruled the herd?
and our warriors directed all of their attention to